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Hiring students for technical roles is difficult. Applican gives recruiters the tools they need to hire interns and new-grads for IT, Computer Engineer, and Software Engineering Roles.

How does it work?

1. Student Sourcing

We're currently on 4 midwest campuses and expanding. We find students through engagement with hack-a-thons, club meetings, and volunteer events.

2. Evaluation

Next, we'll test students' knowledge across algorithms, databases, debugging, frontend, backend, and general problem soliving.

If there's a category your company would like to see, let us know!

3. Matching Stage

Applican's company dashboard allows recruiters to sort, filter, and reachout to students.

So recruiters can spend more time with students, our matching algorithm highlights awesome candidates for your positions.

4. Reaching Out

Found a few great candidates? Click for contact information, and invite them to interview for the position!

Why use Applican?

Source More Students

Don't miss out on a great candidate because they couldn't make it to the career fair!

Increase Employment Brand

Through increased reach on the Applican platform, keep up brand exposure after the career fair.

Save Time

81% of new graduates interviewed lack basic skills for the position.

Save engineer and HR time by making data-driven decisions earlier in the process!

It's Free

We're trying to prove that recruiters and students both benefit with Applican.

Pay nothing for the platform, all we ask for is feedback!


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